Yeshua and the sermon on the mount-Part-one

On this occasion Yeshua teaches us that justice, love, patience, peace, humility and mercy are fundamental to please Elohim and obtain eternal life, since everyone who practices these things will be worthy to be called a son of Elohim.

Yeshua and Shabbat day

In this lesson we will see the importance of Shabbat, since it is a direct commandment from our Elohim Yahweh, Yeshua said that He was the Adon of Shabbat, for this reason we must respect it even more; learn about this important day and teach it to your friends.
Shabbat Shalom.

Yeshua works healing miracles

Today we will see Yeshua’s power to heal the sick; and just as the paralytic sought and persisted to be healed, so should we seek and be attentive to Yeshua’s words, so that our whole being will be blessed in his name.

Yeshua preaches with great authority

In this lesson we will see the king’s official when he needed help for his son and Yeshua healing him completely only with his word and the faith of this official, we will also see that Yeshua was not very well received in Nazareth the city where he was raised, because as he himself said; “No prophet is accepted in his own land”, the most important thing of this study is that we will realize the power that Yeshua has when preaching the good news and how many believed and converted from their evil ways.

Yeshua and the Samaritan woman

At the time of Yeshua the Samaritans were frowned upon by the Jews, because they did not recognize the temple in Jerusalem as a place of worship, although they did keep the Torah, on one occasion Yeshua passed through Samaria and sat at Jacob’s well and there he met a Samaritan woman, There Yeshua taught her that the time would come when to worship the Father in spirit and in truth, there also the woman knew that Yeshua was the awaited Mashiach and since then salvation came to the Samaritans because they believed in Yeshua and his teachings.

Yeshua and Nicodemus

Nicodemus was one of the few of the council of elders that believed in Yeshua and he comes to the Master to solve some doubts, here Nicodemus learns about the new birth of the water and the spirit and also about Yahweh’s great love for men by giving his only begotten son for the salvation of many. on this occasion we also see Yeshua’s anger at seeing his father’s house turned into a marketplace, fulfilling the words of Yahweh through the prophet who says: “The zeal of your house has consumed me”, for this reason Yeshua drives out the merchants with a whip and overthrows all their market tables. join us in this new lesson and learn more about the ministry of our Mashiach Yeshua.

Yeshua´s disciples

In this lesson we will see how Yeshua chooses His disciples after praying and seeking direction from His Father; all of them put aside their lives to follow the Master and dedicate themselves to bringing the good news to the towns and cities of Israel and beyond.
We will also see the first manifestation of Yeshua’s power at the wedding at Cana, when He turned water into wine, confirming Yahwehe before His disciples as the Mashiach, for after this they firmly believed in Him; with this we understand two things, first that choosing a life in service and total surrender to Yahweh and Yeshua is the best choice for our lives and second that not only when we see wonders and signs we must believe in Yeshua, because remember what the Master said: “Highly favored those who believe if seeing”, Shalom.

Yeshua is tempted by Satan

In this lesson we will see Yeshua in his trip to the desert where his spiritual strength was tested, the scriptures tell us that Satan came to kill, steal and destroy, in this occasion he wanted to destroy Yeshua tempting him in several occasions and also using the word of Elohim, but Yeshua overthrew all his arguments, this teaches us that in spite of all the temptations and tests that the enemy puts on us we have the example of Yeshua to use our faith and overcome.

Yochanan and the immersion of Yeshua

In this lesson we will see Yochanan the immerser, that man announced by the prophet Isaiah and of whom it was said; “Voice crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Master, make his paths straight”, Yochanan had a simple life, he dressed and ate with simplicity, but with joy and it was he who immersed Yeshua not feeling worthy to do so but they fulfilled with all righteousness and so Yeshua begins his ministry and a great voice from heaven from Yahweh said; “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased”.

Yeshua in the temple

In this lesson we will see Yeshua and his family keeping the commandment to go up to Yerushalayim to celebrate the feast of Pesach, on this trip Yeshua gets lost from his parents and stays in the temple dialoguing with the teachers of the Law, who marvel at his wisdom, after three days he is found by his parents and he submits to them in obedience and Yeshua grows in wisdom and grace before Elohim and men.

Yeshua flees to Egypt

In this lesson we will see the dangers that Yeshua and his family had to face and how his flight to Egypt was announced by a messenger of Yahweh, all this to fulfill the purpose and the prophecies announced by Elohim since ancient times, the purpose of Yeshua to be born and grow up safely to give way to the redemptive task of mankind.

The birth of Yeshua

In this lesson we will see the birth of Yeshua the Messiah and how he and his earthly parents; Miriam and Yoseph, were visited by shepherds and wise men who rejoiced and blessed Yahweh for the arrival of Yeshua, we will also see that Yeshua fulfilled the prophecy of being born in Bethlehem and would be a light of hope for all the people of the earth, hope of people like Simeon and Anna the prophetess who wished not to die until they saw the Messiah among their people.