Welcome To BeitSefer

Beit Sefer is a children’s project of Nazarene Israel, and thinking of future generations and how to educate the children of Yahweh in the original faith, we have created Beit Sefer, designed to share and create biblical teachings for the whole family, and especially children, clean of all doctrine and error. 

Last Parashiot

Nazarene activities for children

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Beit Sefer

That the whole world may know of Israel’s true faith in our Father Yahweh in Messiah Yeshua.

For the House of Judah

The elder brother, who is at home. Today it is the present Jewish nation

For the House of Ephraim

The younger brother, which today are the present Christian nations.

For the Unity of all Israel

To become one nation again in the Messiah Yeshua at His return.