Yeshua is anointed with fragrant oil

Shabbat Shalom, Nazarene family.

This week we will learn the biblical story of Yeshua being anointed through women who decided to give the best they had to anoint the feet and head of their Master and Messiah Yeshua. In this lesson we will learn what were the purposes for which these events took place and how Yeshua responded to them. In addition, we will reflect on the redemptive purpose of Yeshua’s coming to earth as the lamb that takes away the sin of the world.
The biblical passages used in this study are:
  • Yeshua is anointed in Bethany: Mattityahu (Matthew) 26:6-13
  • Yeshua anointed at Bethany: Marqaus (Mark) 14:3-9 
  • A sinful woman anoints Yeshua’s feet: Luqa (Luke) 7:36-50
  • Miriam (Mary) anoints Yeshua in Bethany: Yochanan (John) 12:1-11
Some of the lessons learned from this study include:
  • Humility and service: In the account of Yeshua’s anointing in Bethany (Mattityahu 26:6-13), a woman anoints his feet with a costly perfume. This act is a symbol of humility and service, as the woman shows deep respect and devotion to Yeshua. This teaching reminds us of the importance of serving others with humility and love, no matter how costly or difficult it may be.
  • Recognition of Yeshua’s dignity and divinity: The anointing with oil also symbolizes the recognition of Yeshua’s dignity and divinity. In this event, Yeshua is honored and recognized as the promised Messiah. This teaching invites us to reflect on the importance of recognizing and honoring the presence of our savior in our lives and hearts.
  • Preparation for sacrifice and death: In several accounts of Yeshua’s anointing, it is mentioned that this act anticipates his death and burial. The anointing with oil can be interpreted as a preparation for Yeshua’s supreme sacrifice on the tree and His subsequent resurrection. This teaching reminds us that sacrifice and suffering are part of the divine plan and that, through them, redemption and eternal life can be achieved.

In summary, in this study we will see that a heart that is repentant and thankful for the grace given by our Savior is never rejected by Him. On the contrary, Yeshua wants us to give the best of ourselves materially and spiritually to Him, because in the end, everything belongs to Him, including us. Let us strive to obey and love Him every day of our lives.

Marqaus (Mark) 14:6-7
6 But Yeshua said, “Let her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a good work for Me.
7 For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always.

We hope that you, and especially your sons and daughters, will enjoy this activity. For it is through the study of the Scriptures that we can come to understand the love and care that Yahweh has always had for us. And also perceive that He has been taking care of even the smallest detail, so that we can take care and enjoy all that He gives us. That is why it is so important that our children learn and grow up knowing that they are loved by the Creator of all that exists.


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