king David´s victories

On this occasion we will see that King David defeated several peoples, Philistines, Ammonites, Edomites and Syrians, all of them under his command and that of his general Joab; we will also see the mercy with which King David treated Mephiboseth son of Jonathan by returning his family lands and inviting him to always eat at the King’s table. Join us to learn more about David’s reign.

king David transports the ark to Jerusalem

On this occasion David once again defeats the Philistines and destroys their idols because for Yahweh they are an abomination and then transports the Ark of the covenant to the house of Obed-edom and seeing that the Ark brought great blessing to this house, David decided to take it to Jerusalem receiving it with dance and musical instruments; join us and learn more about David and his reign.

David is anointed king of Israel

This week we will see David being anointed as king of Israel by the elders of Judah and after the death of King Shaul and Jonathan, David dedicated a lament or song for them saying how brave and inseparable they were. We will also see the great battle of Gibeon with the army of Ishbosheth son of Shaul that ends in victory for David and finally making him king over all Israel.

King Shaul´s death

This is the end of King Shaul’s life, for having accumulated a great amount of sins before Yahweh and not dying at the hands of his enemies the Philistines, but not being enough for him, he decided to take his own life. Yahweh always expects us to stop and be able to recognize our mistakes and repent, but unfortunately this was not the case for the king.

David among the Philistines

In this lesson we will see that David acts cunningly to dwell among the Philistines and with the protection of Yahweh manages to remain among them, all to stay away and safe from King Saul, then we see David fighting against the enemies of Israel in secret and always supported by his faithful soldiers.
In this activity we also see the sin of King Saul since he visits a fortune teller to call the prophet Samuel, despite everything the king receives news that was not very to his liking since the vision told him that his days and his reign, were close to disappear.

David spares Shaul’s life

This lesson brings us a very important message, here David shows us how we can and should treat our enemies, Yeshua also teaches us that we should love them, because this is the victory we have against evil; we see David sparing King Shaul’s life when he had it in his hands and we see Shaul that in spite of David’s mercy, he did not turn away from his wrong heart, remember Yahweh will be pleased if you love those who hate you!

David and Jonathan´s friendship

In this lesson we will see the difficulties that David must go through to escape from King Shaul, who wanted to take his life, and how his great friend Jonathan helps him and strengthens him to escape. David is cruelly persecuted by Shaul, but in spite of this, David gives us a great lesson and this is, not to hate our enemies even if they want to do us much harm, on the contrary we must pray for them and never seek justice by our own hand, remember, (Yahweh is the one who will pay).

king Shaul’s jealousy

In this lesson we will see the jealousy that King Shaul had towards David, so much so that the king was determined to kill him, but Yahweh was with David and protected him from all the king’s schemes, we will see the great friendship of Yehonathan with David and how he helps and protects David from his father. This lesson leaves us a great teaching and it is that even though some people hate and persecute us, we should not respond in the same way and always put our hope in Yahweh, because He keeps and protects His own and gives the reward to His enemies.

David and Goliath

In this lesson we will see David ready to fight Goliath, the giant of the Philistines, David shows us how important it is to know that battles are not won with human efforts or weapons of war but with the power and spirit of Yahweh. With this David defeats the Giant and the army of Israel takes courage and defeats the Philistines on this day.

Saul is discarded

In this lesson we will see that it is very important to obey exactly what Yahweh instructs us, this was not the case with Saul, he did not keep his word to completely destroy the Amalekite people but rescued their king and their livestock, being discarded by Yahweh. Samuel laments what happened but Yahweh brings him comfort, because he sends him to anoint his new king, David, from the sons of Jesse, who would be a king after Elohim’s own heart and would be the one to continue the genealogical line of the Messiah Yeshua.

Saul King of Israel

In this lesson we will see Saul a young man from the tribe of Benjamin son of Kish, whom Yahweh anointed to be king of Israel, it was Samuel himself who anointed Saul in front of all the people and warned that if they and their king serve and fear only Yahweh, they would prosper as a nation, otherwise they would perish.

Samuel judge of Israel

In this lesson we will see Samuel as a judge in Israel and how he called for repentance and to get rid of all the idolatry in Israel, they accepted Samuel’s exhortation with pleasure and put into practice the prophet’s advice, but the people wanted a king and ended up rejecting Yahweh as their legitimate king and changing him for an earthly king and despite Yahweh’s warnings about the bad government of this king, they insisted.