Standing Firm With Yahweh – Prophet Isaiah and King Hezekiah

In this activity we will learn about prophet Isaiah and King Hezekiah, king of the house of the South or Judah. We will see how time and again, King Hezekiah turned to Yahweh for counsel, strength, guidance and healing for his life and for the welfare of his reign. Yahweh showed him in various ways that He is still present, preserving the legacy of King David.

The Assyrian Exile of the House of Israel

In this activity we will learn about the Assyrian exile of the house of Israel due to their constant attitude of worship of false elohim (gods) and disobedience against Yahweh, their Creator. Also, we will see how, in spite of the mistakes made by Israel, Yahweh promises to bring us back into His presence, with cords of love.

The Renewal of Judah: The Reign of Jehoash

In this activity we will learn about the life of Jehoash, the youngest king over Judah and his reign. A reign that stands out with a promising beginning that brings the people back to the worship of Yahweh, but after a moral fall, after the death of Jehoiada the priest triggered the spiritual and political decadence in Judah.

Prophet Elisha – Messenger of Miracles and Faith

In this activity we will learn about the story of the prophet Elisha and some of the many miracles he worked through the supernatural power of Yahweh. We will learn the importance of practicing faith in the trials and struggles of our daily lives, having humility and prayer as two powerful weapons to overcome.

Prophet Eliyahu and King Ahab – The true Elohim is Yahweh

In this activity, we will learn about the story of the prophet Eliyahu (Elijah) and his relationship with the wicked King Ahab. We will see the great deeds that Yahweh Elohim did through the prophet Eliyahu and who was his successor. In addition, we will see the role that Queen Jezebel had over the kingdom and how we must put our trust and confidence in the Almighty Elohim Yahweh always.

Breaking the Kingdom into 2 – Rehoboam and Jeroboam

After Solomon’s death, his son Rehoboam refused to relieve the heavy yoke that weighed on the people, breaking the kingdom into two. Jeroboam led the northern tribes in the creation of the Kingdom of Israel, while Rehoboam ruled the southern kingdom, Judah. Both kingdoms fell into the hands of foreign powers due to their deviation from Yahweh’s commandments.

The last days of King Solomon

This week we will see a summary of the reign and wisdom of King Solomon, but also the excesses and religious deviations he committed in his old age. In addition, we will see Ahijah’s prophecy about the future of the kingdom when King Solomon died, which reminds us that we must always fear Elohim and keep His commandments.

The construction of the first temple

This week we will see all the details for the construction of the temple of Yahweh: the materials, the furnishings, the starting year, also the ark of the covenant was placed in the most Set-apart place and for the care and ministry in the temple, the Levites served at every moment.

The wisdom of king Solomon and greatness his kingdom

This time we will see King Solomon son of King David heir to his throne and we see that King Solomon has much wisdom because he wants to be a just king to rule the people very well, his wisdom was demonstrated by doing justice between two women who fought for the right to a son.

The death of King David and the coronation of King Solomon

We begin this series of activities with the death of King David and the beginning of the era of the kings of Israel and Judah. On this occasion, we will study the beginning of King Solomon’s reign and the advice he received from his father, King David, before his death.

The last days of David’s reign

This time we will see the census that King David made in Israel, this displeased Yahweh because David trusted in the power of his army and in how many men he would have for an eventual battle, but he left aside the trust in Yahweh his Elohim, at the end the king repented of his sin, but the people paid with plagues and pestilences.

The weaknesses and failures of david’s reign

Today we will see King David very distressed by the loss of his newborn son and fleeing from his son Absalom because he wanted to overthrow him and occupy his throne, all this as a consequence of the bad decisions that the King made before; this should encourage us to always be submitted to the will of Yahweh and carefully keep his commandments.