Parashiot 2021-2022

Parasha Toldot – Year 2 – Reaffirming the Covenant

In the parasha Toldot, portion of the year 2, we will see Yahweh reaffirming His covenant with Abraham that he would be blessed and multiplied upon the earth. In addition, we will see the story of Isaac and Abimelech and, finally, the strategy followed by Rebecca and Yaakov to get Isaac’s blessing.

Parasha Chayei Sarah – Year 2 – Rebeka’s Heart of Solidarity

In the parasha Chayei Sarah, portion of the year 2, after the death of Sarah in the portion of year 1, we will learn about the story of the search for a wife for Isaac where Abraham’s servant swears to him to look for a wife for his son as he has been instructed. In addition, we will see how Rebekah’s heart of solidarity allows her to become a matriarch of the people of Israel.

Parasha Vayeira – Year 2 – Follow the Faith that will Save You

In the parasha Vayeira, portion of the year 2, we will learn about the story of the messengers (angels) sent by Elohim to save Lot from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We will see how faith placed in the right place leads to the salvation of Lot and his family. In addition, we will see the story between Abraham and Abimelech and how Yahweh saved Sarah from the hands of the king of Gerar, being richly blessed after this.

Parasha Lech Lecha – Year 2 – The Melchisedecian Blessing

In the parasha Lech Lecha, portion of the year 2, we will learn about the story of Abram rescuing Lot from the hands of the kings who took him hostage. In addition, we will see Abram being blessed by the king of Salem, Melchizedek. Also, in this portion we will see the covenant that Yahweh makes with Abram and the vision that was shown to him at nightfall.

Parasha Noach – Year 2 – The Rainbow of Promise

In the parasha Noach, we will learn about Yahweh’s covenant with Noach after the flood. In addition, we will see the instructions that Elohim gave to Noach and his family regarding food, the blood of animals and the command to procreate and multiply in order to inhabit the land created by Him. Also, in this portion of Year 2, we will see Noach’s descendants and their most important deeds.

Parasha B’reisheet – Year 2 – Offering from the Heart

In the parasha B’reisheet, we will learn about the creation of man and woman and the precious place that was their initial home. In addition, we will see the consequences of disobedience and how this affected the following generations as well.

Parasha Vezot Haberakhah – Year 1 – Moshe and his final blessing

In the parashah Vezot Haberakhah, we will read the specific blessings with which Moshe blessed each of the tribes of Israel before his death and before the people entered the Promised Land. In this study portion we will see the blessings to Reuben, Judah, Levi, Benjamin and Yosef. Moshe’s blessings are a reminder of Yahweh’s commitment to His people and the importance of following His commandments in order to receive blessings.

Parasha Ha’azinu – Year 1 – Israel: Worship your Creator!

In the parashah Ha’azinu, we will read the first part of the song of Moshe (Moses) who spoke in front of the congregation of Israel. In this song, Moses highlights the importance of remembering our past in Egypt and how we were delivered with a strong hand by the Creator’s mercy alone. This is why we must be a grateful and humble people to our Father Yahweh who delivered us from the slavery of the world.

Parasha Vayelech – Year 1 – Moshe’s Successor

In the parashah Vayelech, we see that Moshe reminds the people of Yahweh’s words that he would not enter the land, so, he designates them at that moment his successor, giving him words of encouragement and encouragement to be able to take the people to the Promised Land. Remember, Yahweh is always ahead of us, so we must stand firm in His way.

Parasha Nitzavim – Year 1 – Witnesses of the Covenant

In the parasha Nitzavim, we will see the people of Israel in the presence of Yahweh, standing as witnesses to the covenant and oath of Elohim, to confirm them as His people. Furthermore, it warns them of the danger of turning away from this covenant, bringing the wrath of Yahweh upon those who turn their hearts away from Him.

Parasha Ki Tavo – Year 1 – Engrave in the tablet of your heart the Commandments

In the parasha Ki Tavo, we will see the laws for offerings and tithes, which are in remembrance of our hard life in Egypt and how Yahweh delivered us and blessed us with all kinds of blessings. In addition, the order is given to build an altar on Mount Ebal to offer burnt offerings to Yahweh, where all the words of the law (Torah) would also be written.

Parasha Ki Tetze – Year 1 – Love and help your neighbor

In the parasha Ki Tetze, we will see various laws among which are to show mercy to our neighbor, laws on marriage, on inheritance and on sexual immorality that always brings serious consequences to the family union. In addition, there is a list of those excluded from the congregation for various reasons, but above all for having done wrong against the people of Israel and for their idolatry.