Parashiot 2021-2022

Parasha Mishpatim – Year 2 – Be Righteous as Yahweh!

In the parasha Mishpatim, portion of the year 2: Be Righteous as Yahweh! we will see several commandments given by Elohim at Mount Sinai. We will read some of the laws about the indemnities with which one must make restitution in case of causing harm to our fellow man. Also, we will see some laws about social justice that were dictated in order to maintain order and purity among the people. All these laws show us that Yahweh is an Elohim of justice and that just as He is just, He also wants us to be just like Him.

Parasha Yitro – Year 2 – The Mighty Voice of Yahweh

In the parasha Yitro, portion of the year 2: The Mighty Voice of Yahweh, we will see the children of Israel on Mount Sinai three months after leaving Egypt. Elohim calls Moshe (Moses) to the mountain, revealing to him His covenant with Israel. Then, He orders the people to prepare to receive His law and gives them a very important warning. We will learn about the importance of being set-apart and obedience in the relationship with Yahweh. Elohim calls His people to be consecrated and prepared to receive His commandments.

Parasha B’shalach – Year 2 – The Liberation Song

In the parasha B’shalach, portion of the year 2: The Liberation Song, we will see the song of deliverance pronounced by Moshe (Moses) and the children of Israel. This portion recounts the victory of the Israelites over the Egyptians at the Red Sea. Moshe and the Israelites sing a song of praise to Yahweh for their deliverance. However, they soon face the bitterness of the water of Marah, which Elohim turns sweet. We will learn that Yahweh Elohim promises healing if we obey His statutes.

Parasha Bo – Year 2 – A Night of Faith and Freedom

In the parasha Bo, portion of the year 2: A Night of Faith and Freedom, we will see the threat of the final plague, the death of the firstborn. There we see Moshe (Moses) before Pharaoh warning him of the consequences that will come if he does not let the people go. We will also see the precise instructions that Yahweh gives to the people of Israel to prepare the Pesach lamb that will deliver them from the final plague, if they trust and obey Him. We will see how Yahweh commanded us to keep this ordinance for the memory of future generations of the wonders and prodigies that He did to deliver the Israelites.

Parasha Va’era – Year 2 – The Mighty Hand of Yahweh

In the parasha Va’era, portion of the year 2: The Mighty Hand of Yahweh, we will see Moshe (Moses) and Aaron in front of Pharaoh to demand him to let his people go, where the miracle of the rod also takes place. We will also see the first two plagues that struck Egypt: the water turned into blood and the plague of frogs. Throughout this story we will see how Yahweh hardens Pharaoh’s heart in order to allow both the people of Israel and the people of Egypt to see His strong arm and His mighty hand.

Parasha Shemote – Year 2 – Moshe and the Burning Bush

In the parasha Shemote, portion of the year 2: Moshe and the Burning Bush, we will see the call of Moshe (Moses) through a burning bush that was on Mount Horeb. We will also study the detailed instructions that Yahweh gave Moshe to appear before Pharaoh to deliver the people of Israel. In addition, we will see the dialogue that arises between Moshe and Yahweh due to the insecurities and doubts that Moshe presents before Him, finally seeing that Yahweh has a perfect plan for everything and that we must only trust fully in His power.

Parasha Vayechi – Year 2 – Ya’akov blesses his sons

In the parasha Vayechi, portion of the year 2: Ya’akov blesses his sons, we will see the final words of our patriarch Ya’akov before being reunited with his ancestors. In this passage we see the particular blessings that Ya’akov pronounced on each of his sons, where he reflects the strengths and weaknesses of each son, marking their legacy and the role they will play in the history of Israel.

Parasha Vayigash – Year 2 – The long-awaited reunion

In the parasha Vayigash, portion of the year 2: The long-awaited reunion, we will see the story of Ya’akov (Israel) being informed by his sons that Yoseph (Joseph) was still alive, so he immediately decides to set out on a journey to make the long-awaited reunion with his son. In addition, we will read about the details of what Ya’akov took with him and the people who went up with him to Egypt.

Parasha Miketz – Year 2 – The Journey of the Sons of Israel to Yoseph

In the parasha Miketz, portion of the year 2: The Journey of the Sons of Israel to Yoseph, we will see the story of Yoseph (Joseph) in Egypt and the journey of his brothers to get food for their families. In addition, we will read about how Yoseph came to be appointed as administrator over the land of Egypt, entrusting him with the management of storing provisions during the boom years to face the coming shortage. Finally, we will see what Joseph did with his brothers when he recognized them, as he plans to reveal his true identity.

Parasha Vayeshev – Year 2 – Tamar and her Israelite Heritage

In the parasha Vayeshev, portion of the year 2: Tamar and her Israelite Heritage, we will see the story between Yehudah (Judah), the sons of Yehudah and Tamar. This portion teaches us about Yahweh’s justice and faithfulness to commitments, where we can see how selfish decisions and failure to fulfill obligations can lead to adverse consequences. Tamar represents perseverance in the pursuit of justice and the Israelite heritage that has been taken from her. Finally, Yehudah ends up recognizing that Tamar’s righteousness was greater than his, understanding that not obeying Yahweh’s commands brings very sad and serious consequences.

Parasha Vayishelach – Year 2 – An altar of His presence

In the parasha Vayishelach, portion of the year 2, we will see the story between Shechem, Dinah daughter of Ya’akov and Leah, and her brothers Shimon and Levi. In addition, we will see the blessing that Yahweh Elohim gave Ya’akov, along with the change of his name to Israel, reaffirming His promise to multiply his descendants and inherit the land promised to his father Abraham and Isaac.

Parasha Vayetze – Year 2 – Ya’akov’s Prosperity

In the parasha Vayetze, portion of the year 2, we will see the story of the mandrakes found in the field by Reuben and how Yahweh was adding descendants to Yaakov. In addition, we will see how Yahweh prospered Yaakov in spite of the difficulties through dreams in order to bless him. Finally, we will see how Yaakov is visited by a messenger (angel) of Yahweh to tell him to leave Laban and go on a journey with his wives and children.