Parasha Va’era – Year 2 – The Mighty Hand of Yahweh

Parasha Va’era – Year 2 – The Mighty Hand of Yahweh.

Shabbat Shalom, Nazarene family.

This week we will study the parasha Va’era, portion of year 2, where we will see Moshe (Moses) and Aaron in front of Pharaoh to demand him to let his people go, where the miracle of the rod also takes place. We will also see the first two plagues that struck Egypt: the water turned into blood and the plague of frogs. Throughout this story we will see how Yahweh hardens Pharaoh’s heart in order to allow both the people of Israel and the people of Egypt to see His strong arm and His mighty hand.

Shemote (Exodus) 7:13
13 And Pharaoh’s heart grew hard, and he did not heed them, as Yahweh had said.

This week corresponds to the reading of the texts (in bold):

  • Shemote (Exodus) 6:2-7:7 / 7:8-8:15 / 8:16-9:35
  • Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 66:1-6 / 66:7-14 / 66:15-24
  • Mattityahu (Matthew) 12:1-21 / 12:22-37 / 12:38-50

Summary of the weekly study, Year two:

Shemote (Exodus) 7:8-8:15

In these verses, Yahweh shows His power through Moshe and Aaron to persuade Pharaoh to release the Israelites. Aaron turns his rod into a serpent, but the false Egyptian sorcerers replicate the miracle, although Aaron’s serpent devours theirs. Then Aaron turns the water of the Nile into blood, and the fish die, but the false sorcerers also imitate this miracle, and Pharaoh still does not relent. Yahweh sends the plague of frogs, invading all of Egypt. Although the false sorcerers also produce frogs, Pharaoh finally asks Moshe to intercede to stop the plague, but then hardens his heart again. 

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 66:7-14

These verses proclaim the awesome power of Yahweh in the transformation and restoration of Zion. Before the pain begins, Zion gives birth to her children, a sign of unprecedented divine intervention. Elohim promises comfort and joy for His people, likening His love and protection to maternal care. Jerusalem will be a source of joy and abundance, where its inhabitants will find peace and prosperity. Blessings will be evident to all, and Yahweh’s enemies will receive their just retribution. In this passage we can see the faithfulness of Yahweh Elohim in fulfilling His promises and His power to bring restoration and joy to His people.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 12:22-37

In these verses, Yeshua heals a demon-possessed, blind and mute man, causing amazement among the people. The Pharisees, however, accuse Yeshua of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebub. Yeshua replies that a divided kingdom cannot prevail and clarifies that he casts out demons by the Spirit of Yahweh, a sign of the present kingdom of Elohim. He warns against blasphemy against the Set-apart Spirit, which will not be forgiven. Yeshua teaches that words reflect the heart, and we will be judged by them, hence the importance of having a pure heart and speaking righteousness.

Enjoy this fun activity with the whole family. Inside you will find development questions for the three weekly sections (Torah, Haftarah and Brit Chadashah). While the older ones discuss the questions and their answers, the younger ones can color the picture related to the teaching, solve a maze, find the 7 differences and much more. We encourage you to do it week by week and instill in your children the habit of studying Yahweh’s word as a family.

We hope you and especially your sons and daughters enjoy this effort. For it is through the study of the Scriptures that we can come to understand the love and care that Yahweh has always had for us. And also to perceive that He has been taking care of even the smallest detail, so that we can take care and enjoy all that He gives us. That is why it is so important that our children learn and grow up knowing that they are loved by the Creator of all that exists.


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