Adam’s descendants – Revealing the right way

Adam’s descendants

Shabbat shalom, Nazarene family.

This week we will study who were the Adam’s descendants, who together with his wife Eve, became the parents of all mankind. In addition, we will see about the offerings that 2 sons of Adam presented before Yahweh and what were the results of that. Finally, we will see the genealogical line up to the Patriarch Noach (Noah).
The biblical passages used in this study are:
  • Cain and Abel: B’reisheet (Genesis) 4:1-26
  • The descendants from Adam to Noach: B’reisheet (Genesis) 5:1-32
Some of the lessons learned from this study include:
  • The story of Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve. Cain, a farmer, and Abel, a shepherd, offer sacrifices to Yahweh, but Yahweh prefers Abel’s sacrifice. Envious, Cain kills his brother Abel. Yahweh confronts him and marks him to protect him from revenge. Cain is banished and becomes a wanderer. The story shows the consequences of sin, the gravity of murder and the mercy of Elohim, but also the continuing human wickedness.
  • The description of the genealogy from Adam to Noach. In this portion we can see what was the longevity of the ancestors before the flood. Each man mentioned lived hundreds of years and fathered children. The chapter details the age at which each had his first child and how long he lived after that. The list concludes with Noach (Noah), whose existence points the way to the flood. This passage teaches us about the continuity of humanity from its origin and sets the stage for the flood that follows in Genesis.

In summary, in this study we will see which is the heart that Yahweh receives, for He expects from us our complete surrender to Him and to present ourselves with a contrite and humbled heart before His Justice and Purity. In addition, we will learn that Yahweh maintains a pure and clean lineage from the perversities of the world through Seth and later in his descendant Noach.

B’reisheet (Genesis) 4:6-7
6 So Yahweh said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen?
7 If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire isfor you, but you should rule over it.”

We hope that you, and especially your sons and daughters, will enjoy this activity. For it is through the study of the Scriptures that we can come to understand the love and care that Yahweh has always had for us. And also perceive that He has been taking care of even the smallest detail, so that we can take care and enjoy all that He gives us. That is why it is so important that our children learn and grow up knowing that they are loved by the Creator of all that exists.


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